Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello there! My name is Chris Hoobler and I am one of the writers and artists here at 7th Round Pick. I am a 24 year old grad from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I've been a really big Wings fan for my whole life and have become an avid hockey fan over the past few seasons so I figured it was time for me to put this obsession to use, besides fantasy hockey of course. Matt invited me to start this blog with him and I jumped at the idea. I look forward to ranting and doing illustrations for you all!

The player you most love to hate:
It was a tough call for me because I came up with a small handful of players that absolutely drive me crazy but I figured Dan Carcillo would be fitting concidering he was just traded from the eastern confrence into the central division to none other than my all-time favorite team to hate, the Chicago Blackhawks. This was hardly a blockbuster pickup, however this is the one that stands out the most to me for this upcoming season. Not because this guy brings any kind of scoring touch, or skill for that matter...but Carcillo gets payed to fight and to injure. This is a guy who struggles to put up 15 points in a season. In 07-08 Dan was able to put up over 300 penalty minutes in just 57 games and this was his sophomore season in the league. Since that time he has consistently put up well over 100 PIM when healthy. He was also one of the players to get in the first fight during an outdoor game (The 09-10 Winter Classic). You can tell this guy thinks he's a rockstar, often putting up devil horns after his fights still makes me cringe. He is always a minus player and was deemed replacable by the Philadelphia Flyers when they aquired Wayne Simmonds from the Kings in the Richards trade. Can't imagine Simmonds having a hard time filling that role. So now fellow Wings fans, if you were worried about injuries before hold on to your seats cause next season could get bumpy.

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