Sunday, January 1, 2012


Darren Helm has chiseled a place in Red Wing fans hearts as an absolute fan-favorite. His blue-collar play has sat well with the masses because he leaves everything on the ice on a nightly basis.

It's not every day you hear of people mentioning a 3rd liner as an untouchable but Helm has become a premiere bottom 6 forward. I have a belief he also has some untapped high-end potential as well, although it may be a long shot he reaches it.

Here is a quick look at my Prediction for Helm:
82 GP
16 G
23 A
39 P

Here are his current stats:
38 GP
4 G
8 A
12 P

It is looking like my prediction was a bit optimistic for Helm. I thought he would start to establish more of an offensive game this season but that doesn't seem to be the case. There are times he shows flashes of high-end puck possession skills. He really knows how to grind down low and occasionally will throw a nifty deke on a defender. That said, he doesn't seem to create a lot on net which is where he needs to go to see an increase in points. 

Helm has become our go-to penalty killer and has really come around defensively while still being a threat on the PK. He also draws more penalties then anyone else on the Wings. His speed is incredibly lethal and if players aren't aware he is on the ice Helmer will catch them sleeping every time. He may not score, but he will keep defenders honest and this is where he draws most of his penalties.

I hope to see a bit more of an offensive game as time goes on, I really think there is some potential there where previously I was convinced he would be a great 4th liner and serviceable 3rd liner.


This Kill is one of my top memories as a Red Wings fan which is saying a lot because we have had numerous enjoyable memories these past 20 years.

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  1. Great article about Helm. Totally agree with you on that penalty kill, I love that video.