Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Tuzzi

Todd Bertuzzi

This will be the start of my in-depth looks at current roster players for the Wings and what better place to start than Todd Bertuzzi. He has quietly become one of my favorite players to watch in the Red and White, partly because of his epic playoff beard, partly because the guy went through hell and back and came out on top.

Here is a quick look at his past couple seasons:

Season    Team                    Lge  GP  G  A Pts PIM

2007-08 Anaheim Ducks     NHL 68-14-26-40 -97
2008-09 Calgary Flames      NHL 66-15-29-44-74
2009-10 Detroit Red Wings NHL 82-18-26-44-80
2010-11 Detroit Red Wings NHL 81-16-29-45-71

On paper it seems as if Todd Bertuzzi has spin-o-rama'd his way into being a perpetual 40ish point forward. His assist totals are incredibly consistent, and his Goal totals waiver around the 15 Goal per season range. He is a player which can go anywhere from the 3rd line to the top line (in a pinch) and will bring a big bodied presence as well as a near .5 point per game average.

One of the things that has always bothered me about The Tuzzi is his need to use one hand on the stick what seems to be 95% of the time. I think if he could get away with shooting using only one hand, he would most likely jump at the opportunity. There are some advantages to having a free-hand, but I strongly believe the negatives out way the positives in this case. He usually finds himself taking completely unnecessary penalties, typically Holding calls, which is a direct result of his free hand. It's something I have grown use to seeing, and almost expect to witness a call for it every other game. It doesn't help that for the majority of the time, it looks as if he is skating through quick sand. He is also incredibly streaky.

I had to get my minor annoyances out of the way first.

What do I like.. or love about Big Bert? Everything I've learned to dislike has, for better or worse, become almost a running joke amongst the group of Wing nuts I watch hockey with. We have grown to expect his random spin-o-ramas and his insistent floating around the opponents blue line waiting for that perfect tape to tape pass. Most of the time it leaves you smacking your head wondering what he was thinking but when it does work? It's like watching fireworks. You can't help but feel good for the man when he swings down that wing and puts one top shelf on an unsuspecting goaltender. It may come in flashes, and he might disappear for 20 games at a time but it's incredibly gratifying to watch when he succeeds.

2011-12 Predictions:

75 Games Played
16 Goals
26 Assists
42 Points

A very slight dip in points from last season, but I believe he has really found his role in the organization and will continue to frustrate on some nights, and flourish in others. Here's too another Spin-o-rama like this one.

And this one..

Last but definitely not least: For an amazing t-shirt simply titled "SHIRTUZZI", check out The Production Line. I own one of these bad boys myself and let me tell you, it's even better in person.


  1. Awesome art - Bert is def. my fave!

  2. Thanks, Jackie! Big fan of Bert when he's going hard!