Saturday, September 10, 2011


            Hello readers, writing from my new dorm here at CCS! (the view is incredible) our new question picked this week by Matt was a very simple yet difficult one.

           Who is your favorite player, all-time? So here it is, 132 points with a +8 and a total of 387 shots on net in his rookie season. My favorite player of all time is Teemu Selanne. The 6' 200lbs Helsinki, Finlander is my favorite hockey player because he holds the incredible nearly impossible record of 76 goals in his rookie season and 132 Points on the year within 84 games. I'd say those are some pretty good stats for a rookie, eh? In his career he played for 4 teams including the returning Winnipeg Jets, (has a bright and shiny new logo!) Anaheim Ducks, (Loved the "Mighty" Ducks better) San Jose Sharks, and the Colorado Avalanche for 1 forgettable season.

Teemu Selanne, in his most recent year playing at the age of 40 achieved some incredible stats. Over a PPG player at that age is remarkable. If it weren't for the Norris quality season by our "Perfect Human" Nicklas Lidstrom I would go as far as saying that he was the best 35+ player in the league last year.
T. Selanne733149680

Why do I like this man more than say, Pavel Datsyuk or Steve Yzerman? Because I like salami, of course. 

I'll leave you with this and work on my question of the week as I'm falling behind a bit with classes now!

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