Thursday, November 3, 2011

NHL Power Rankings

 1. Pittsburgh - To consistently do what they have done with there top players out of the lineup... It's amazing and Bylsma is quickly becoming the top coach in the NHL.
 Last Week:7

2. Washington - The finally lost. Everyone is talking about the argument at the end of there last game between the coach and Ovie. I think you have a bigger problem there than most want to think. You wouldn't catch Lidstrom screaming at Babcock if he wasn't out on the ice in that situation, would you?
Last Week:3

3. Chicago - Looks like the Kane to center experiment is working.
Last Week:12

4. Toronto - How long can the Leafs honestly hold a spot in the top 15? I keep waiting for them to slip but so far, so good.
Last Week:4

5. Dallas - Another gigantic surprise, except I have no doubt at all they will slip up sooner rather then later.
Last Week:8
6. Los Angeles - Doughty is back.
Last Week:14

7. Edmonton - Really? Easily the biggest surprise for me. Defense has been stellar.
Last Week:19

8. Philadelphia - Don't look now but Jagr is starting to heat up and Giroux is firing on all cylinders but Bryz is struggling to adapt to a city that cares about hockey.
Last Week:5

9. Vancouver - They are turning around there slow start, as we expected. Kesler needs to step it up a notch.
Last Week:15

10. Phoenix - 3 straight wins, including a tough 1-0 victory of Dallas.
Last Week:18

11. Minnesota - If Harding can play like he has played the past 2 games against the Wings, the Wild will have one of the best 1-2 punch's.
Last Week:20

12. Colorado - Slipping from there hot start. To be expected.
Last Week:2

13. Florida - Dave Tallon "Frankensteined" the roster during the off-season and it's working... for now.
Last Week:13

14. San Jose - They were the best team the Red Wings faced in the young season. Considering we went up against a Washington team that knocked us into a 5 game loosing streak and an always challenging Vancouver squad, that's saying something.
Last Week:26

15. Buffalo - They are up and down but things will start to click once Miller gets rolling.
Last Week:9

16. Detroit - Up and down. This roller coaster had a very high climb followed by an equally low drop but are they still dropping?
Last Week:1

17. Ottawa - They are staying in the thick of it heading into November. 1 month down.
Last Week:30

18. Carolina - Staal is really struggling out the gates.
Last Week:16

19. Nashville - Locking up Rinne long term is good for a team that can afford it, but with an internal cap and equally, if not more, important players looking for a big pay day, it could prove to be a deadly mistake.
Last Week:17

20. Tampa Bay - Vincent Lecavlier has gotten off to a decent start. One of the good guys I always enjoying rooting for.
Last Week:22

21. Anaheim - Selanne is a machine.
Last Week:11

22. New York Rangers - Well, at least the won the Brad Richards sweepstakes...
Last Week:25

23. Montreal - Carey Price has turned the Habs season around in a hurry.
Last Week:24

24. St.Louis - Sitting in the bottom half of the league, where they will finish the season.
Last Week:23

25. New Jersey - I've always had a soft spot for the Devils and it saddens me to see them struggle. Hopefully they give us Parise at the deadline though, that will make up for it.
Last Week:6

26. Calgary - Fail for Nail?
Last Week:27

27. Winnipeg - I will be incredibly surprised if they don't finish the year in the bottom 5.
Last Week:29

28. Boston - Wow.
Last Week:21

29. New York Islanders - They have Tavares, damnit!
Last Week:9

30. Columbus - They beat the Red Wings.
Last Week:28

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