Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Classic

After an entertaining Winter Classic in Philly there has already been talk amongst the masses that the next Winter Classic will be held in Hockeytown. There are two enormous factors to consider in this game, the NHL marketing equivalent to the Super Bowl.

Where is one of the NHL's most important games to draw revenue going to be held? 

There seems to be only two logical locations on where this game will be played. The first being Comerica park, owned by Mr.Illitch. Comerica sits in the heart of Detroit and an event here will draw loads of money for the downtown area (hopefully fixing a few things up here and there). Comerica Park would be the obvious choice for Illitch drawing in a nice crowd and a decent amount of money.

The other choice would be The Big House, they have already played a game there once, and there is approximately 107,501 seats so the largest Winter Classic and it will eclipse all other previous and future Winter Classics. It has also been stated that Michigan has been contacted by the NHL on the possibility of using the Big House for next years Classic.


Is the Winter Classic ready for a Canadian team?

Yes, Toronto is just across the Detroit river, making it easily accessible for our Canadian compadres that are looking to come to Detroit or Ann Arbor. But the main concern is that there already is a game in the Heritage Classic which is set up specifically for the Canadian teams. Why would we not give other teams in the US a chance in the Winter Classic? Say Colorado, or a repeat of the Hawks game in 09'? Toronto's mayor is trying to get a Winter Classic to be held in Toronto saying “We would love to host a game and the league knows it.” But where would it be played at? Seeing that the Sky dome doesn't open during winter, and  BMO field only holds around 20,000 there really isn't a lot of revenue to be brought in, in Toronto.

What do I think will happen?

For my money, I believe the Winter Classic will be held in Ann arbor at The Big House. It will be Detroit vs either Toronto or Boston (both would be nice match-ups) and I predict the wings will win 5-2 with Datsyuk netting 2 goals with 1 assist, one of the goals being of the spectacular variety.

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