Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Tomas Holmstrom

If you were to ask me to pick just one person on the entire Red Wing roster in which I wouldn't want to go head to head against, it would be Homer. This man can take more beating than just about anyone I have ever seen lace up the skates. I'm starting to believe he just has no feeling of pain, at all. The constant heavy slashing and cross-checking this guy absorbs is unreal. He is a headache for not just goaltenders, but your stay-at-home Defenseman as well. Homer has carved himself out a fantastic career by taking a beating while still having the hand-eye coordination to tip just about anything within 5 feet of him.

This will be Holmstrom's 15th season in 2011-12 and he is getting up there in age. There is a real possibility it is also his last. With the wear and tear his body is being put through on a nightly basis, I believe he will be retiring after the season is up. Let's not get thinking too far ahead though.

Homer's past 4 seasons in the NHL:

Season    Team                    Lge  GP  G  A Pts PIM

2007-08 Detroit Red Wings NHL 59-20-20-40- 9
2008-09 Detroit Red Wings NHL 53-14-23-37- 18
2009-10 Detroit Red Wings NHL 68-25-20-45- 5
2010-11 Detroit Red Wings NHL 73-18-19-37--6

Looking at his stats he has enjoyed a fairly consistent career. He had a couple years in his prime around the 30 goal, 50 point range as well. Other than that Homer has mostly been a 40 point scorer while consistently dealing with the injuries that come with playing a hard-nosed style of hockey. He will agitate the D and the goalies and bring some dumb penalties on occasion. Sometimes this is due to his slow skating, sometimes due to his frustrations of getting hacked and whacked by your Shea Weber's and Brent Seabrook's. On the flip-side, Holmstrom will bring some jaw-dropping tips as a result of his super human hand-eye coordination.

2011-12 Predictions:
60 GP
15 G
15 A
30 P

Age sets in and although he still sees a good chunk of time on the PP, he loses a stride. A dip in points and GP for the man they call "Demolition Man". He still provides a good leadership presence and players will continue trying to achieve the quality of screens and tipping he has made a career out of. Hopefully some of our younger guys will watch closely and learn from one of the best.

Practice makes perfect.

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