Sunday, October 16, 2011

Post Game Report: Game 4

10/15/11: Det 3 @ Min 2 OT
Game 4

The Red Wings headed out to Minnesota for a Saturday evening game, a game that also ran the same day as a certain UofM vs. MSU College football game and a certain Tigers ALCS game. Unfortunately the stream of winning we were just getting use to in Michigan had to come to an end at some point as UofM was toppled by the superior Spartans and the Tigers injuries caught up to them (In ugly fashion). On the bright side, the Red Wings pulled out a come from behind victory to salvage what would otherwise be a disappointing evening of sports.

Holding Minnesota to a mere 14 shots, the Red Wings played a very steady, sound defensive game. I'm really liking the new-found d-zone efforts the Red Wings coaching staff brought into play for the season. It may not be as exciting as our up-tempo, high-flying system we have grown use to the past 2 years but in my honest opinion, it will be much more beneficial come May. 

1. Johan Franzen - Clutch. This has been Franzenstein's M.O. in the past and he continues with it early into the 2011 season. His line, consisting of Hudler and Flip, was the best line out on the ice throughout the evening. Franzen topped the game off with an OT winner on the Power Play with the help of Homer and White.

2. Ian White - His best performance as a member of the Wings. He really pushed for a goal in the second when the Red Wings seemed to be struggling to get anything going. He now leads the Red Wings d-men with 3 points in 4 games. White hasn't stood out in a bad way and has been steady as a rock.

3. Jiri Hudler - This Hudler, this is the Happy Hudler we knew before the KHL fiasco. Let's hope he sticks around. Making smart plays, going to the net (Gasp!), and putting up the points. He now leads the Wings, along with Franzen, with 4 points in 4 games.

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