Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post Game Report: Game 7

10/25/11: Det 1 @ Cbj 4
The second of the year against Columbus and one that is easily forgettable. A week ago I was loving the Red Wings new defense-first mentality. After two straight loses, it looks like things have changed.

The Wings have allowed 13 goals and scored 2 between this game and Washington's and our top guns are pressing but not putting up the points we have become accustomed too. Conklin can be a part of the blame as he has struggled mightly, but there is more to go around. Amongst the numerous things the Wings need to get better at, there passing is off, the defensive zone coverage is spotty, and the offensive pressure is at times, weak. This is what we use the regular season for though, learn from these mistakes.

I will say, at times, we were threatening.  I think all 4 lines at one point or another had a solid scoring chance but just weren't able to put it in the back of the net. The Franzen - Flip - Hudler line struggled a bit, especially going up against Nash's line. But there are positives you can take from this game as well. Overall, we have some work to do, but that should be expected so early in the season.

1. Ty Conklin - Back to back brutal performances. He is looking more like the goaltender who struggled in St.Louis than the more than capable goaltender who followed the Wings to the finals in 09. Is this something to start worrying about or is it just a bump in the road?

2. Todd Bertuzzzzzzi - Big Bert had a rough night. Including but not limited to a bad penalty late in the game. He looked to be coasting and making many bad passes. This is something we have come to expect from Bertuzzi. His high's can be incredibly high and his low's can be incredibly low. 

3. Henrik Zetterberg - It's really not that he played that bad of a game as it is his overall performance on the season. Incredibly underwhelming. I know he will pull it together, and probably soon, but it's something worth noting. 

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  1. good article, I 100% agree with you on Z, he just hasn't really shown up this year yet.