Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post Game Reports

10/21/11: Cbj 2 @ Det 5
Game 5

Another long week off before the Wings were able to play there 5th game of the season. For some perspective, the Penguins had already played there 9th game at this point. What does this all mean? It means the Red Wings are going to have an extremely tough string of games for a month, which will usually result in a few injuries. Doom and gloom predictions out of the way, here is a round-up of the Wings 5th game of the year.

The second line of Franzen - Flip - Hudler had themselves another outstanding game. Combining for 7 points on the night and riding the goal scoring of Franzenstein. The Wings did manage to get out shot but I can't say I was ever too worried about loosing this one. Columbus looked like a team trying not to loose another game versus a team trying to win. Consistently making bad plays which would almost instantly result in the puck lying in the net behind the once solid goaltender, Mason. Columbus beat themselves more than the Wings beat Columbus.

1. Johan Franzen - He was the most offensively visible Red Wing on the net. Always driving the net and trying to make things happen. I really thought after the first couple minutes this would be one of those games Franzen just takes over, it wasn't, but he had a hell of a night. I'd love to see more of this from the Mule.

2. Valtteri Filppula - A 4 point night? A 4 point night! Hopefully he can keep up his PPG production because that would be a pleasant surprise. I was starting to write him off as a 40 point two-way forward, one that would never hit his offensive ceiling. Hopefully that was premature on my end.

3. Jimmy Howard - A solid outing for the netminder. The goals weren't his fault. He was extremely fast reacting to the play and seemed to always be closely following the puck. This is a high-level of goaltending that I hope he can stick too for the better part of the year.

10/22/11: Det 1 @ Was7
Game 6
I'm not sure how you can't get up for this game.. I'll admit I missed about half the game due to previous engagements but what I saw was a team that came out flat. They couldn't complete tape to tape passes and insisted on forcing plays to the slot, which were almost always getting picked off. Conklin, I hate to single out, but he was dreadful. Is this a sign of things to come? I sure hope not. I will say, at times we did look dangerous. If we had some solid goaltending I'm not sure this game gets as out of hand as it did. That said, a 7-1 beating and I think it's time to take a look in the mirror and ask if you want to be a contender or a bubble team.

There weren't any Red Wings that stood out.
1. Tomas Vokun

2. Mike Green

3. Mathieu Perreault

 Fun Fact: The Red Wings play a week night game, Tuesday. Whoah!

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