Thursday, September 29, 2011


Nicklas Lidstrom

What better way to follow up Little Nick than with Big Nick.

It's hard to create a summary for someone that has grown to become a legend of not only the Red Wings, but the game of hockey. The best line I could come up with would have to be this:

The Perfect Human.

That's the nickname that has been thrown around a lot the past year or so. It is absolutely, 100% correct. The guy can do anything and everything. He always has his stick in the right position, puts up the points of an elite offensive d-man while widely being considered a shut down guy. I'm not sure anyone has ever scored a 2 on 1 goal with him being the lone man on the back end. He throws seeing-eye passes from his corner to the other teams blue line with regularity. Tape to tape.

What I have really grown to love about Lidstrom are the minor plays. The ones that will never be on a highlight reel. That small tape to tape pass while he is being pressed by multiple forecheckers, nudging the puck to the slot for a Wing to breakout of the zone. The small details and high level of composure this... this god displays, it's incredible. He is thinking the game so far ahead of other players it just makes you smile and shake your head. He is a sigh of relief for any coaching staff. The ability to throw him in any situation and know he will always be in top form. Not ever create a mistake, just smooth, smart plays.

Lidstroms's past 4 seasons:

07-08 - GP 76, G 10, A 60, Pts 70, +21
08-09 - GP 78, G 16, A 43, Pts 59, +31
09-10 - GP 82, G 9, A 40, Pts 49, +22
10-11 - GP 82, G 16, A 46, Pts 62,-2

Looking at his entire stat sheet, it really is mind-blowing to see the level of consistency he has displayed throughout his career. Even in '91 he stepped in and put up 60 points to go along with a +36. Outside of the 09' seasons, which was a down year for the entire roster after going deep in the playoffs for 3 years straight and loosing depth to the cap, he has put up incredible numbers. The guy has 7 freaking Norris trophies. 7! He really is a machine.

2011-12 Predictions: 
82 GP
18 G
48 A
66 P

There is no stopping him. Age? Don't think so father-time. Injuries? Never. You think the talent in the Central, or the league for that matter will slow him down? Not a chance. He will continue putting up numbers like he is 25, on fresh legs, but with the knowledge of a 41 year old legend. He might see his minutes dip a bit more this year, but that's only because the coaching staff wants to keep him "fresh". I'm sure he could still handle 25 minutes a game. 

Prepare for another season, dare I say "His last", of The Perfect Human. Really, really enjoy this one. 

Think he could have played Major League Baseball as well?

Here is a list of the past Predictions:
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