Friday, September 30, 2011


Henrik Zetterberg

Zetterberg is most likely the future captain of the Red Wings. How is that for leading off an article?

The man known as "Z" has grown a reputation for being clutch and carrying the team on his back in the playoffs; his Conn Smythe trophy can attest to that. He is extremely reliable and one of the best in the game at protecting the puck. He will grind you down the boards until he can squeak loose and fire a quick wrister or feed a pass through broken coverage, Hank usually makes you pay for your mistakes.

Zetterberg has also been known to bring world-class defensive play. In my honest opinion, I believe he is actually a step above the multiple Selke winning Datsyuk. Maybe not as flashy, his takeaway numbers will never be that high, but his in zone coverage is phenomenal. He will swarm you and when he is given an assignment, like Crosby in the finals in 08/09, he will completely nullify you. Doing so while posting point per game numbers at that. He is a nightmare for opposing coaches to adjust there lines too

Zetterberg's past 4 seasons:

07-08 - GP 75, G 43, A 49, Pts 92, +30
08-09 - GP 77, G 31, A 42, Pts 73, +13
09-10 - GP 74, G 23, A 47, Pts 70, +12
10-11 - GP 80, G 24, A 56, Pts 80, -1

The curious case of Henrik Zetterberg. He was around 40 goals a year for 3 years and then dipped back to the 25-30 range. That's a pretty large drop in goals. Is it because of his nagging back injury? His quality of shots? He loves to fire them towards the goal, is it just bad luck that they aren't going in lately? Whatever the reason may be, I can't say I see him hitting the 40 mark again in his career. He might get up too 30-35 a few times, but he wont touch 40 with that back injury and the Wings consistently going past the first round in the playoffs on a yearly basis. He is a rather consistent point per game player and if he isn't putting up the points he is playing Selke caliber defense. Whats not to love?

2011-12 Predictions: 
76 GP
28 G
59 A
87 P

A terrific year for the Euro Twin. He will benefit from playing alongside Flip and Franzen throughout the season. He will miss a week, give or take, of games because of some minor injuries, as per usual, but it won't prevent him from having a stellar campaign. There will be nights where he carries the team on his back, however beaten and broken it may be. He will also be silent on nights, not sticking out in a bad way, and not sticking out in a good way. That's what we have grown use to with Z. He doesn't find himself in slumps though, so don't expect his small droughts to last. Consistency.

Oh yes, and his beard is epic. I wish, dream, of growing one the way this man does. It's gaining "Wonder of the World" status with the speed at which it seems to grow.

Here is a list of the past Predictions:
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