Thursday, October 20, 2011

NHL Power Rankings

1. Detroit - Easy choice. One of two teams remaining without a loss. They have given up a mere 5 goals in 4 games and look to finally be back to there defensively responsible ways.
Last Week:4

2. Colorado - They are flying, getting great goaltending and have a solid one-two punch in Duchene and Stastny. Maybe last year was the fluke and not the year before?
Last Week: 13 

3. Washington - The other "unbeaten". The caps have great depth to go with there high-end talent. They haven't been perfect though and it begins with there captain in Ovechkin. He is starting to hear lots of criticism thrown his way.
Last Week: 5

4. Toronto - Kessel is on fire. Absolutely tearing it up right now. He is known for being a streaky goal scorer though, so keep an eye on him if he can keep it up at a respectable pace. Interesting stat, but before Mnoday nights game, Toronto's top line had been out shot at a 2 to 1 rate.
Last Week:  23

5. Philadelphia - Apparently Paul Holmgren knew what he was doing trading away two of his top players and building from the net out. Bryz has been fantastic between the pipes and Jagr has looked as good as he did when he left the NHL years ago.
Last Week:  10

6. New Jersey - I'm impressed. They picked up where they left off at the end of last season and did so without the help of Lemaire behind the bench. Kovalchuk is logging insane minutes though, it'll be interesting to watch if he just wears down and battles injuries or can handle the load.
Last Week:  17

7. Pittsburgh - Malkin seems to still be battling the knee injury but help is on it's way. Crosby has been cleared for contact and could be in the line-up by the end of the week. If those two can stay relatively healthy, watch out.
Last Week:  6

8. Dallas - Another surprise team, to go with the likes of Colorado and Toronto. They fall into the same category as Philly to some extent. Apparently the recipe for early success is getting rid of your two best players.
Last Week:  24

9. New York Islanders - John Tavares. He looks to have made that next step into Elite status. New York is also getting good goaltending from both Montoya and Nabokov.
Last Week:  25

10. Buffalo - They look good but not great. Vanek is earning his paycheck but Leino is looking like the player everyone thought he would be logging 1 goal and 0 assists in his first 4 games.
Last Week:  14

11. Anaheim - Selanne and Ryan seem to be carrying the load while Getzlaf is trying to find his feet early in the season. They won a couple of big back-to-backs against San Jose.
Last Week:  11

12. Chicago - Hossa is already having minor injury troubles, something Hawks fans have grown to expect. Kane is lighting up the points column. They do seem to be missing something to make them a legit contender at this point.
Last Week:  7

13. Florida - I really don't know what to make of you, Panthers. You lead the league in Power Play percentage with your re-designed line-up. You beat up on the Lightning, potting 7 goals. Yet you terrify me with all your averageness.
Last Week:  28

14. Los Angeles - The Doughty injury is a minor blow to there defense. There top line, lead by Kopitar, has looked good early. They should be proving they belong in the elite early in the season though, I'm yet to see proof.
Last Week:  8

15. Vancouver - They are struggling out of the gate, but that is usually the story for the Canucks. Kesler should give them some life with his return against the Rangers. They won't struggle for long.
Last Week:  1

16. Carolina - I like the way this team looks. Skinner has begun this season the way he finished last and quietly leads the team in scoring.
Last Week:  19

17. Nashville - They don't seem to be going as hard to the dirty areas as we are use too. Is it possible the long (By Nashvilles terms) playoff run last year has affected the team early?
Last Week:  15

18. Phoenix - I still don't like the make-up of the team but they are pulling away with some surprising victories. I can't imagine they keep up with the pack for long.
Last Week: 27

19. Edmonton - RNH, RNH, RNH! I'm a believer. He looks to already have Elite vision and with him and Hall creating some chemistry they will have an elite duo for the long run.
Last Week:  26

20. Minnesota - They looked awful against the Red Wings. 14 shots... really? Is that the best you can do with a top line of Seto-Koivu-Heatley? It's going to be a long season if those through can't gel.
Last Week:  22

21. Boston - Stanely Cup hangover.
Last Week:  3

22. Tampa Bay - Sophmore slump?
Last Week:  9

23. St. Louis - The team experts loved to pick as a darkhorse, again. They are right up there with San Jose being predicted to win the cup every year. Not gonna happen.
Last Week:  16

24. Montreal - They looked good early but the injuries seem to have hit them fast and hard. I have faith they will pull it together and be at the least a bubble team come playoff time.
Last Week:  21

25. New York Rangers - Yikes. Figure out this mess, Torts.
Last Week:  12

26. San Jose - You look terrible, Sharks. Really do. Defensively sloppy and offensively snake-bitten. A recipe for disaster.
Last Week:  2

27. Calgary - I believe it's time to trade off your assets (Iginla, Kipper) and start building toward the future because you aren't going anywhere fast during the present and still hanging onto the past.
Last Week:  18

28. Columbus - It may have been easy to just put them at the bottom of the rankings for not being able to achieve a single win. They have better talent the the other two though. You're the most talented of the worst, Columbus.
Last Week:  23

29. Winnipeg - My oh my Winnipeg has the makings of a lottery pick team. At least they crowd is having fun.
Last Week:  29

30. Ottawa - Still rebuilding. Yakupov is something to be excited about.
Last Week: 30

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